Don't mess with the Mountain Men.

The Mountain Men are a posse in Red Dead Redemption.


We are a small posse consisting of WildGreenYondor and CPT WALRUS 09. We are currently accepting anyone, and if you would like to join, just message one of us saying so. However, you must be ok with younger players, as we are all 14.

We have a hideout at Cochinay, so head there if outnumbered. We have three pigs, Elijah, Pete and Steve, and a goat named Stephen that we protect with our lives, and will kill anyone who threatens them.

We are ruthless, sadsitic, and cannibalistic. Some of our favorite activities are ruthlessly beating NPC's, hunting animals with nothing but knives, going on senseless killing rampages through towns, and hunting down other players in packs. We also will shoot out peoples knees, then try to find the most sadistic way possible to kill them, to appease the gods. So, if that sounds like fun, ask us if you can join, you will almost certainly be accepted. Unless, of course, you kill your own team or our livestock.

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