About the posse

we are the mulisha clan. and we like to hang out and party. Well train u better and make u an elite. We will train u in the following

Hrseback fighting:Vicwight

Rifle:All of this

Spinning: Doc


Joining the posse

u got to talk to the leaders and take the test if u want to join add Mulisha_Doc and Mulisha_Harlow


  • Leader 1 Mulisha_Harlow
  • Leader 2 Mulisha_Doc
  • Leader 3 Mulisha_Viper

Other members

  • Member 1 Mulisha_Ghost
  • Member 2 Mulisha_Bob
  • Member 3 Mulisha_Powall
  • Member 4 Mulisha_elite21
  • Member 5 Mulisha_AlCapone
  • Member 6 Mulisha_Beast
  • Member 7 Mulisha_Legend

External links

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