Rdr weapon pump-action shotgun

Dr Kewl Aids favorite gun


Dr Kewl Aids favorite gun


Jon Marston, SPONGEKAKE56's Character... But he should be N.W. Dickens

Jack grave--article image

Jack Marston, Cerialkiller13 Character


Red Harlow, Dr Kewl Aids Character

Rdr remember my family

Edgar Ross with a pump duck hunting

Red dead 640w

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The Opprotunity A red dead redemption posse

About the posse

We are a very strict posse. We tolerate nothing. If you do anything offensive to our leaders you will be banned and put on our wanted list. The benefits are we promise you protection and a service of hunting bounties such as someone who has been annoying you all day. Posse was officialy founded in December, 2010. We go around killing innocent enemy posse players for fun and then slaughter citizens of enemy towns. ALLIED TOWNS: Armadillo, Ridgewood Farm (HQ) , Mcfarlands Ranch / ENEMY TOWNS: Blackwater, Escalera, Gang Matches / NEUTRAL TOWNS: Any other cities. Note: If you think we take this too extreme then do not even read the rules.

Joining the posse

Must have XBL with a level of 20 or higher we have a list of various rules. Rule Book:// 1. Respect Leaders 2. Do not kill anyone in allied towns 3. Never turn on allys 4. Only use Pump Shotgun/Winchester Reapeter/Rolling Block/Buffalo Rifle 5. Never use any other weapon unless issued to 6. Must have a mic 7. You must enjoy killing 8. You must not have a hispanic character 9. Never break away from posse 10. Must participate once a week 11. Need to have fighting skills 12. Must have Hungarian Half-Bred or higher mount 13. Must share mounts of higher level 14. All rules do not abide to leaders 15. No mistakes PUNISHMENTS: Kick from Posse/put on wanted list (we hunt you and join your match and kill you)Extreme Hatrid

Supreme Leaders

  • Dr Kewl Aid
  • CerialKiller13


  • Sgt393
  • sailorman24

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