The Ottomans is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Ottomans are one of the greatest and most powerful civilizations of the modern period. Their moment of glory in the sixteenth century represents one of the heights of human creativity, optimism, and artistry. NOW we will RULE Red Dead Redemption.

This is a Posse For Playstation 3. We are The Ottomans and we work as a T-E-A-M. IF you a TEAM-PLAYER and IF u like to have FUN then this Posse Will Suit You Perfectly.

Joining the posse

Send PM to Oni_BagaBondo or WhoKnows81 on PS3 (PSN ID)

We are looking special for Turkey player, but everybody is WELCOME

If u from another Country then English language is NECESSARILY

It's good if you have a mic, but it isn't necessarily.





Other members

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