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Hello Ladies(if you like red dead redemption)And Gentlemen and welcome to The Out Lawed Brothers Wiki page.

About the posse

Hello. I first had the Idea of creating this page when I got Red Dead Redemption for the PS3 but I was already in one. So when I got an XBOX at christmas I thought about getting Red Dead Redemption for that. Once I had it which was two days ago I decided in making a posse but it wasn't easy. I really need more members for this. If you would like to co operate with us. It would me much appreciated

Joining the posse

To join the Clan/Posse please send a message to L1L W47N3 on XBOX Live or Sgt A Paddock or message Or please add Sgt A Paddock on XBOX LIVE As my friends list is full.



Leader: L1L W47N3 Vice Leader: Sgt A Paddock

Other members

iv Magicz v To be filled out later.


Royal legion. Imperial legion. V Legion.

News: Not applicable yet

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