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The OuttLaws of Red Dead Redemption is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The OuttLaws are a weak try-hard posse who's only great player is OuttLaw_Cassidy3, because he's dominated the PVP mode in multiplayer and became a very well-known playerthere rather for good/bad reasons.......The creators of the posse Eastwood and right hand man Westwood along with OuttLaw_Nuke once dominated every posse from the Mafia to the Locos and they were turned on by the very crew they created....

OuttLaw_Cassidy3 is their only great player and they want him back so badly after he got tired after two weeksof their lame dedication to freeroam.

Joining the posse

-It does not matter what level you're at we'll help build you to a near perfect player.

-You must not glitch or hack.

-You must not kill other players nor their mount.

-You must at all times be LOYAL to everyone in the gang.

-You must be able to fend for yourself at times.

-You must make an OuttLaw account and make it the right way.



Outtlaw_Jesse//OuttLaw_Preacher// OuttLaw_Bradshaw//OuttLaw_Lion// OuttLaw_Bandit//OuttLaw_TallTree//OuttLaw_WAR

Other members

  • OuttLaw_Bandit
  • OuttLaw_Dang
  • OuttLaw_GuNNa
  • OuttLaw_Hellcat
  • OuttLaw_Newb
  • OuttLaw_Scarface
  • OuttLaw_ToaSt1
  • OuttLaw_Sentenza
  • OuttLawJr_Tiger
  • OuttLaw_Scar
  • OuttLaw_NeWyOrK
  • OuttLaw_Babe
  • OuttLaw_Def-Row
  • OuttLawJr_LG
  • OuttLaw_WarTime
  • OuttLaw_BadGirl
  • OuttLaw_Robins
  • OuttLawJr_H-Town
  • OuttLaw_Sassy1
  • OuttLaw_Gangster
  • OuttLaw_MadDog
  • OuttLaw_Kaz
  • OuttLawJr_Daisy




  • Mexican Locos
  • Mexican Army

  • Mafia

  • Warriors

  • KSA

  • random posses

  • OuttLaw_Micheal
  • Former Members
  • OuttLaw_Cassidy3
  • OuttLaw_Eastwood
  • OuttLaw_Westwood
  • OuttLaw_Nuke
  • OuttLaw_Wolf
  • OIuttLaw_Raven
  • OuttLaw_Sniper
  • OuttLaw_Scope
  • OuttLaw_MissWood
  • OuttLaw_King

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