The PJ's is a Red Dead Redemption posse that focuses on gunmastery, bear-wrestling, the foundations of love and the art of killing in the Wild West.

About the posse

The posse was founded on November 20, 2010, when the functionally-retarded DABRONZANATOR decided that two certain players (bitizenbon and HoodieZombie) weren't cool enough to join his infamous Th3 K1d Gang posse. The ironic thing is that their posse will probably last a week or so, haha. The two decided to conceive their own posse, and, by the end of the day, had a firm echelon, an ample base located in a place that resembles Santa's Enchanted Forest, and a cache of weapons that should put any player to shame.

Joining the posse

The process of joining this posse is very simple:

  • You must be a registered Catholic or Wiccan.
  • You must pay the $10 membership fee (only if your name is StickingPage or dltona. Otherwise, it's only $7)
  • You must be some we trust; we're not just going to take off anyone from the street. Unless you have access to a zebra donkey; in that case, fuck the membership fee).
  • Finally, you have to be a fan of carrot cake.


  • HoodieZombie: RDR's best chimpanzee impersonator. She likes drawing, horses and rides four-wheelers. Oh, and she's taking German.
  • bitizenbon: What can I say? This guy is awesome.
  • Tondababii: The sister you never had.
  • Hey Sasha Grey: Doesn't own a headset, but is more than glad to answer your yes/no questions with shots to the air.
  • StickingPage: Don't mess with this guy. No, seriously, just don't.
  • DMVKronicKILLER: She works at the Department of Motor Vehicles, and is the posse's official consultant when it comes to carriages, stagecoaches and wagons.


  • HoodieZombie
  • bitizenbon (maybe)

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