The Pegorinos is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Our posse is for Fun we will engage other posses but we mainly play for fun.

We play on the Xbox Console. We specialise in gang hideouts and are open to let other people join our posse. Our name was inspired by Jimmy Pegorino the Alderney mob boss from GTA IV we have never lost and we deciede leadership by showdowns. We also travel in stage coaches and convoys this is to provide safety for our members our designated driver a son of joker is very talented ZanderBrappp will ride shotgun as he is the leader. we will soon be making a machinima.

We also hunt bears and other predators in groups we are all expert hunters.

ZanderBrappp Owns the war horse so he can summon it for you we will be open to any chalenges such as duels and gang wars. Currently we are decieding a story for a machinima this has been complete and the tail shows a man who fights in a gang then kills the man who betrays him gets married and is betrayed by his closest freind. there the only details i'm revealing

Joining the posse

To Join the posse contact us on our xbox live gamertags,A Son of Joker, ZanderBrappp,donnylad1995.



Other members


NooBzING Adz

satins armpit

External links

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