About Us

We Are One Of The Biggest Gangs On Red Dead Redemption On The PlayStation 3 Console. We Are Very Skilled And We Know Practically Everything On Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer. We Are A Gang That Will Fight Until The Very End And Know How To Have A Good Time.

How We Became Who We Are

We were First Lead By The Player Jon_Marston_ In His Gang, Red Dead Legends. It Had Very Few Members. One Day We All Got Fed Up At Jon_Marston_'s Way Of "Getting Even"(He Shoots You, You Shoot Back And Get Shot Again) And The Way He Treated Us, That When The Player PREDALIEN_95 Met Us, He Gave Us A Dream That Was Already OnThe Verge Of Happening. He Said We Were Going To Take Down Jon_Marston_ And That I, RDL_Gbonne, Would Lead Them. I Was Already Getting Ready For This A Bit Early. I Had Recruited Members To Face Him, But PREDALIEN_95 Made The Dream More Sensable. I Recruited Some Old Friends And Some Of Jon_Marston_'s Last Remaining Members And We Finally Ambushed Him For Our Freedom. 15-1. Of Course One Of Us Was Still Tied Down To Him So I Went To Help My Friend Fight For His Freedom. RDL_Sirito101, And Jon_Marston_ Were Waiting In The Session When I Got There. Sirito And I Took Him Down Until Sirito's PS3 Crashed And I Fought Him Alone, In The Mountains. With Racist_Guy101 As A Witness I Beat Jon_Marston_ For The Final Time. Then, He Called For Peace. Sirito Had Come Back. He Promised to Give Him The "Deed" To Beecher's Hope. They Went There And I Was Stuck In The Mountains. By The Time I Had Gotten There Jon_Marston_ Had Shot Sirito With A Shotgun And Killed Him And Left Saying "Seeya (Female Dog)". This Is What He Used To Call Being A Coward, Killing And Then Leaving. Days Went On, And We Had No Clue What We Should've Called Ourselves. I Had Thought Of "Red Dead Mercenaries" But My Teammates Didn't Approve. Then It Was "Red Dead Assassins", "Red Dead Mercenaries", Or Another Red Dead Name When I Suggested "Why Don't We Go Back To Our Roots?" We Decided To Rename Ourselves THE Red Dead Legends.

I Had Told Jon_Marston_ That We Had Taken "The Red Dead Legends" And He Had Said He Didn't Care For Us (Female Dogs). Then Later He Said We Stole The Name And His Clan Was "The Red Dead Legends". Then He Decided To Change To "The Killer Instincts", Then To "Red Dead Riders", And Then To "Red Dead Indians". After All This We Still Fight Jon_Marston_ And His Clan Today But We Move On To Harder Challenges Then Red Dead Indians.


Please Read This.


These Are Ex-Members Of The Red Dead Legends. If You See Any Of Theses Accounts, Let Me Know.

  • RDL_Rican
  • RDL_JDawg
  • RDL_Jrocker
  • RDL_Jesifer

Fake Accounts

These Accounts Are Made To Give The Red Dead Legends A Bad Name.


The "Spotlight"

These Are Certain Ex-Members That We Have An "Interest" For.

  • 'Jesifer420 '(If You See Jesifer420 In Any Free Roam, Mostly Hardcore, Invite MONOOF903 Or Me.)

Joining Us

Everyone Is Allowed To Join My Clan, All I Ask Is That You Do NOT Use A Mauser Pistol, High Power Pistol, Or Semi-Automatic Pistol. The Only Time You Can Is If An Enemy Is Using It Against You. You May Be Any Character You Like But Mot Of Us You Red Dead Revolver Characters For Some Strange Reason, Again It Is Your Choice. Feel Free To Contact Me At RDL_Gbonne On PSN IF You Want To Join. But Contact Me On Your Normal Accont. The RDL_ Account Is Not Required But Would Be Helpful For Our Clan. Do NOT Make An RDL Account Without My Approval.



This Person Leads The Red Dead Legends And Is Incharge Of Overseeing All Activity In The Clan.

  • RDL_Gbonne

2nd Leader

The 2nd Leader Or "Co-Leader" Helps The Main Leader On Attacks, Plans, ETC. This Leader May Lead A Second Posse But He Is Not Referred To As Leader If With The Main Leader.

  • RDL_Sirito101


This Person Is The "Right Hand Man" Of Both The Main Leader And The 2nd Leader. Hand Picked From The Entire Clan By Both Leaders This Person Is One Of The Most Trusted Members Of The Red Dead Legends.

  • RDL_Life

The Elite

The Elite Are Some Of My Best Men. They Are My Most Loyal Men And I Am Lucky To Have Them.

  • BrandyBubbly
  • Jaco_0098
  • RDL_Gunslinger

The Alpha

The Alpha Are The Men Who I Think Should Be Praised In My Gang. Not Yet Ready For The Title of "Elite" But Are Better Then The Rest.

  • crackintheworld
  • RDL_Trey
  • TouchingTori
  • (open)

The Alpha Lawyer

This Is A Special Rank Given To Those Who Can Stop A Fight Easily Or Who Can Quickly Make Peace. These "Lawyers" Can Only Stop Fights That Involve The Alpha But Are Allowed To Help At Any Time.

  • RDL_Life

The Alpha Strategist

This Is A Special Rank Given To Those Who Can Think On Their Feet And Can Quickly Overcome Almost Any Obstacle. These "Strategists" Make The Battle Plans For The Alpha And Help Coordinate Attacks Involving The Alpha ONLY.


The Beta

The Beta Are The Men Of The Red Dead Legends Not As Good As The Alpha Or The Elite, But Stand Out As Individuals.

  • coolguy7275
  • paultz100
  • RDL_Ceddunn
  • TheNetwork15
  • RDL_Shockwave
  • mancer69
  • Kara8989

The Beta Lawyer

This Is A Special Rank Given To Those Who Can Stop A Fight Easily Or Who Can Quickly Make Peace. These "Lawyers" Can Only Stop Fights That Involve The Beta But Are Allowed To Help At Any Time.

  • (open)

The Beta Strategist

This Is A Special Rank Given To Those Who Can Think On Their Feet And Can Quickly Overcome Almost Any Obstacle. These "Strategists" Make The Battle Plans For The Beta And Help Coordinate Attacks Involving The Beta ONLY.

  • (open)

100th Member

This Is The 100th Member Of The Red Dead Legends. I Am Proud To Have Mono As My 100th Member. He Is Like A Little Brother To Me And He Has Stuck By Me Through Absolutley Everything.

  • RDL_Mono


These Are My Stealthy Warriors Of The Night. These Members Are Trained To Be Stealthy And Keep Quiet About All Intel. These Men Are Allowed To Use Pistols Occasionally Though They Are Recommended Not To.

Head Assassin

The Name Of The Head Assassin Is Classified Information For The Red Dead Legends Only.

Regular Assassins

The Names Of The Red Dead Legend's Assassins Are Classified Information.


This person Is In Charge Of Initiating All New Members.

  • RDL_Life

Regular Members

These Are The Members That Have No Special Rank. They Are Unique In His/Her Own Way But Do Not Stand Out In Anyway. These Members Are Listed In A Random Order.

  • RDL_Chrissboyy
  • LosMuertosBailan
  • iQUIKSCOPEzach_C
  • GameHound123
  • phycogamer
  • REV_AC007
  • chiporiginal
  • bob20206
  • supersonic14
  • NathanDrake700
  • nascarcowboy6
  • SkullCandyDream
  • caliguy1093
  • cal4242
  • Ops-_-SpeCiaLisT-
  • juiceglass
  • Airforce1227
  • gwenypoo
  • biggsasha
  • Nunez2282
  • CrumpSki_3
  • Josh572
  • Indian_Assassin6
  • shugnight33
  • randi3200
  • SonicTheGhetto
  • omg_its_me13
  • goonboy-54
  • wuninthachambr
  • Qarzan
  • ikillzombies14
  • newshoe101
  • I_SEE_U234
  • aguilera24
  • gamer8642
  • poppin_u2
  • Spinekitty89
  • playmylifeaway
  • GTB_SOAKIN1215
  • AmaricinIdeit
  • Mr_AWOL_
  • Maftijn
  • TheNetwork15
  • joshford15
  • Dosudude
  • Justin_Sane85
  • anderfishy
  • Macrocky12
  • Jake--Syndrome
  • iNojo
  • young_stunna_28
  • hunter2258
  • demonssouls
  • RDL_Grave
  • RDL_Big_Daddy_D
  • crazygirl3000
  • physcomonkey209
  • RDL_Frog_411
  • RDL_Mono
  • modernevil2
  • RDL_Zombie
  • cucupukpuk
  • WildEastBeast2
  • RDL_Blaze
  • RDL_Fatso


  • Lethal Legands
  • Th3 Outlaws
  • Psychopathic_Ridaz
  • The Snow Pirates

Rival Gangs

  • Red Dead Indians
  • Mexican Army
  • The Ordinary Outtlaws
  • Mexican Locos
  • The Corleone Mafia
  • Hell_Houndz
  • KSA
  • KWT
  • BaDx

Peace Treaties:

These Are The Contracts We Have With Other Rival Gangs Who Just Want To Stop The Fighting.

Red Dead Indians

  1. We Play Together PEACEFULLY, No Ambushing.
  2. Land Owned By Seperate Gangs Is Owned By Seperate Gangs. When We Play Together Land Is SHARED Or Owned By Rockstar.
  3. We Share Each Other's Glitches.
  4. If You Get SHOT You May SHOOT That Person Back. If You Get KILLED, You May KILL That Person Back.
  5. No Name Calling, If You Call Someone From The Other Team A Name They Can Shoot You In The Face If He/She Wants To.
  6. No Killing The Other Teams Horses/Mounts.

Because Of Jon_Marston_ (Tristan_Danzig_) The Peace Treaty Has Been Broken By Red Dead Indians.


Redemption War: The Red Dead Legends Vs. Red Dead Indians

This War Has Been Postponed To An Unknown Date By Tristan_Danzig_, The Leader Of The Red Dead Indians.

The Locked War: Krimzon_Revolverz Vs. The Red Dead Legends

The krimzon_Revolvers Chalenged The Red Dead Legends and aPeaceOfJustice Fought My Team Until His Showed Up. He Did O.K. (The War Was Taking Place In A Private Session With Three Land Grabs Going On At Seperate Times.)

The Red Dead Legends: (Won)

  • RDL_Gbonne
  • RDL_Rican
  • RDL_Trey (Left During Fight)
  • CRAZYJAKEQ99 (Left During Fight)
  • paultz100
  • BrandyBubbly
  • Jaco_0098

Krimzon_Revovlerz: (Lost)

  • aPeaceOfJustice
  • jkomrad
  • foxynoxy9
  • BO_187KILLA-666
  • Chief_Danskine
  • MagiCAntoX
  • MagiCRudyX
  • mercer2481
  • plug_uglies

The War Of The Families: The Corleone Mafia Vs. The Red Dead Legends

Due To Some Weird Chance That The Corleone Mafia Somehow Got Into My Private Session They Thought They Could Take Us Out.

The Red Dead Legends:

  • RDL_Gbonne
  • el_sirito101
  • MONOOF903
  • aPeaceOfJustice (Not RDL)
  • (another Krimzon Revolver who was there)

The Corleone Mafia:

  • Abomb_Corleone
  • Camilo_Corleone
  • Shirley_Corleone
  • Robert_Corleone
  • palacias_Corleone
  • danny_coleone

Due To The Fact That Robert_Corleone Was Using Invincibility And Abomb_Corleone Was Using Rapid Fire Along With Camilo_Corleone This War Was Won Way Before It Started. I'm Glad To Say The Red Dead Legends Won This Fight.

The Hitlist

The Hitlist Is A Full List Of Individual People Who Have Left The Red Dead Legends Or Have Messed With Us Far Too Much. Feel Free To Shoot Them If You See Them. This List Is On Going.

  • rican1721
  • Goldberry5
  • Outtlaw_Micheal
  • Outtlaw_Cassidy3
  • rockstar370
  • renemurillo
  • Abomb_anation360
  • JRocker206
  • Abomb_Corleone
  • Rican_Corleone
  • Camilo_Corleone
  • g-manaman86
  • xRamonx420
  • riott_marker
  • Jesifer420

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