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Hey all The [RDRC] Red Dead Ranger Clan - is Recruiting People who are [Active , Social , Mature & Supportive against Others]

Our clan is doing many trainings , challenges,Possefights,Clanwars & Hideout Runs trough the freeroams , by completing this things together with your fellow ranger gets you promoted inside the clan.Our clan is around [30] Active people.We work with real american army ranks &wearing american army suits.

Intrested ? if you wanna join up Make a New Account With This ClanTag <Ranger_[Nickname] , If you pass the In-game tests you will get accepted into the rangers

add the fallowing leading officers to get you in :

Ranger_Bandit -Commander

Ranger_Crow - General

Ranger_Dollar - Colonel-General

Ranger_Jonko - Major Colonel

Ranger_Overkill - Lieutenant

Youtube Link Prefered -

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