the redemptionists there hotshot(s)!! We are the redemptionists we support law and order throughout the west if u want to join our uniform of undercover lawmen A.K.A the redemptionists then add Extreamkilla_tom on ps3. We are outfitted as the characters from the actual game e.g. john marston, Abigal marston, jack marston and uncle etc (I am uncle so therefor no one else in this clan can be him) .we have to main 4 main locations across the wild west which are: Blackwater, Armadillo, Cass Madrugada and finally Escalera. We do as we please to get a job done but the one golden rule is don't break the law and if you do then pay the price either die or get put in the macfarlane's Ranch for a while . our mission is to stop outlaws, bandits and keep the west's peace ( we also help the Ranchers Life clan for further info on that though add thenate1200 on ps3 and my name once again is extreamkilla_tom. Good luck out there partner(s)



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