The Riders of the Apocalypse is a Red Dead Redemption posse.


Livin the dream in the old West. We take kindly to strangers, but if you draw your weapon without a friendly shot in the air, we're going to hunt you down across the map and kill you.

We have one rule wear the badge and take the highest bid for it. If you are worried about upholding the Law by itself without gettin paid, move on tin star or be gunnned down!!

Loyalty is everything, as long as it is to us and us alone. Drifters wil be killed on site and dragged across the desert.

Becoming a Rider

Contact us if you wanna work on your XP or have some general shootouts. Send a friend Request to either El_Capitan_605 or AIKI-KP in the PS3 world and we can meet up. Come wearin a badge. We don't use cheats. Cheats are a lazy man's excuse. Use them and we'll gun you down till you leave.

U guys say gunned down alot. im starting to believe that u suck and have bad anger issues. plus u guys probably arent legit either.



  • El_Capitan_605 - Legend I
  • AIKI-KP - Legend I

Other members

  • Cjflora
  • rofelio
  • Rydissac
  • d3cEpTyKon
  • Open

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