"The Robot South... that goes against at least TWO things I believe in!"
John Hikari on the Robot South

"We're like Skynet... only inbred..."
InsaneSorcerer on the Robot South

The Robot South is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Robot South will rise again!!!!

Mission Statement

Our Goals are to:

  1. Conquer New Austin, West Elizabeth, and Nuevo Paraiso in the name of the Clockwork Confederacy
  2. Bring war to our Nemesis, the Cyborg Union
  3. Oppress the Technologically Inferior Mexicans and Natives, as well as people who appear as purple dots ingame
  4. Locate the Guy, and steal his Cloaking Beacon
  5. Find the Crystals
  6. Use the Crystals to power the Device
  7. Steal Your Buffalo and kill You for Your Buffalo Rifle
  8. Spread Happiness (V2.14.6)



Joining the posse


Leadership of the Computerized States of America

  • President of the Clockwork Confederacy: Jefferson Davisbot (Xbox Live Gamertag: InsaneSorceror)
  • Vice President: The President's Horse
  • Commander of the Mechanical Armed Forces: General Robert E. Leetron 3000 (Xbox Live Gamertag: StormtrooperTEX)
  • Secretary of Steam Power:
  • Secretary of Cogs and Turbines: Robert E. Leetron 3000 (Xbox Live Gamertag: StormtrooperTEX)
  • Secretary of Fossil Fuels:
  • Secretary of War and Brass Objects: Thomas "Firewall" Jackson
  • Secretary of Ninja Assasinations: The John Wilkes Boothinator (Xbox Live Gamertag: KamikazeWolf13)

The Military

  • President Jefferson Davisbot
  • General Robert E. Leetron3000
  • The John Wilkes Boothinator

Civilian-ish Operatives

External links

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