American army 1911
About the posse

We are a well trained army that is well organised and are the best at tactics. We never leave anyone behind. We will go after anyone that wants to mess with us. We will follow them through many of game sessions to find them if they try to escape. We have many asociates in almost every posse. If anyone betrays us, they will be lined up against the wall and shot by and organised firing squad.

Joining the posse

First you will contact a superior officer and he will run you through training sessions and courses. If you pass, you may select a low rank soldier from the American Army in outfitter. You will start as a private in our army and asigned to a regiment, either first or second. Then if your commanding officer thinks you have done well in a battle por followed orders well then you maybe promoted.


1st Regiment

Captain-nightvision11-ps3 Gunnery Sergeant-seedysafc-ps3 Private-jimmyjamesthunde-ps3 Private-days-darkness(Company best shot)-ps3 Private-JaCkOREED-ps3 Private-SISSY101010011-ps3

2nd Regiment

Colonel-mikeminer2009-ps3 Sergeant-USHER_SEEDY Corporal-pj19877-ps3 Corporal-micaeldowey(Company best shot)-ps3 Private-Krisandad-ps3 Private-gamer6813-ps3 Private-m7d7573-ps3

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