The Rowdy Gunners is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Rowdy Gunners is an Xbox 360 gang, accepting old and mature players.

Joining the posse

  • Must have an Xbox 360 mic or other voice response hardware.
  • Must be over 13



  • rowdyJ0E
  • djinnihaniver

Other members

  • UnsnaggedPizza - Rowdy Gunner
  • GAV 2084 - Rowdy Gunner
  • TerJr - Rowdy Gunner
  • Nompron - Rowdy Gunner
  • Kaysick - Rowdy Gunner
  • BillytheKid - Rowdy Gunner
  • BeastInNature - Rowdy Gunner
  • B0WEEZY - Rowdy Gunner

External links

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