The Royal Flush Gang is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Royal Flush Gang originates from a home-brewed tabletop wild west adventure setting called Road to Perdition and is not to be confused with the playing card-themed supervillains that first appeared in Justice League of America #43 in March 1966. In the canon of Road to Perdition and Red Dead Redemption, the Royal Flush Gang is an organization that was founded by Connor "Bird Gunner" Baird Sr. in the early 1880s that has cells known as "suits" scattered throughout frontier America. Their base of operations is rumored to be in Gateway, Louisiana and it is also said that they have staging grounds just outside of Poker Flats, Montana.

Each "suit" is tailored to a different task that ultimately serves the greater good of the gang. The Clubs are the designated enforcers; thugs, brutes and bullies with a modicum of smarts and skill with a shootin' iron who specialize in creating havoc wherever and whenever the gang needs it. The Diamonds are the gang's "financeers"; soundrels and thieves who stage robberies and plan heists. The Hearts are the face of the gang; vain entrepreneurs with all the charm, grace and venom of an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake. The Spades are the gang's masterminds; while the other three suits toil, these enigmatic individuals sit in the shadows drinking brandy, reading the daily paper, and smiling to themselves because they know their nefarious plans are infallible... 

The top three highest ranking officers of a suit are represented by "face cards."  With the exception of the Hearts -- who're lead by a Queen -- each suit is lead by a King, a Jack and an Ace. The Kings and Jacks serve as the leaders and second-in-commands respectfully, but the Aces represent the best gunfighter of a particular suit. The only exception to this rule is the founder of the gang himself, Connor Baird Sr., who holds both the King and Ace of Spades cards. 

(Note: There are only 46 members of the Royal Flush Gang, even though it's widely assumed they have a full "deck" of 52. This is because... 

1.) One King and three Queens have been removed from the so-called "deck."

2.) The Jack of Spades retired from a life of crime in the early 1900s

3.) The leader of the Royal Flush Gang counts as two different cards.)

Playing as a member of a Royal Flush Gang posse, who're dubbed "Knights" in honor of the French Tarot playing card, is simple: Work as a team to benefit your family. The Knights of the Royal Flush Gang specialize in taking down gang hideouts in Free Roam, collecting the bounties of most wanted players, working together in Gang Shootout to eliminate the competition and, of course, raking in the cash in Poker, Blackjack and Liar's Dice.

Joining the posse

In order to join the Royal Flush Gang players need to track down a known member of the Gang and query them about becoming a Knight. If the individual deems you a worthy candidate then you will be invited to clear a Gang Hideout with them and the rest of their posse should they be accompanied by one. Should you perform adequitely then you're as good as in. Aside from this rite of passage, being a member of the Royal Flush Gang comes with a small set of requirements:

1.) Posse members aren't allowed to play as lawmen, iconic characters or zombies.

2.) Hackers will not be tolerated, even if they are working for the interest of the Gang. The founders of the RFG do not condone online cheating and if you are caught doing so then you will be forever branded "Kill On Sight" by the posse as a whole.

3.) Players must be the age of 16 or older and must also demonstrate a considerable level of maturity and level-headedness when dealing with others. Things such as calling other players "faggot" or literally screaming in rage when things don't go your way will not be tolerated.



  • Nexrum - XBL

Other members

  • a dirty griff - XBL
  • Agent Sabas - XBL
  • BearUSMC - XBL
  • BloodyPiper - XBL
  • BurntTurkey294 - XBL
  • EnigmaticGal - XBL
  • Hasshodo - XBL
  • NemoWolf - XBL
  • TheTexasShocker - XBL

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