The Royal Legends is a location in Red Dead Redemption.


Intro of the Royal's

The Royal Legends have been having shootouts and gunfights with just about everyone to ever sign into Red Dead Redemption on their PS3. since the release date of May 18, 2010. The tradition continues. We appreciate you coming by to see us. Come on in.


Founders Royal legend Rico & Royal legend King

Based members RoyalLegend_king & RoyalLegend_Rico, RoyalLegend_Mia & RoyalLegend_Payne Active Members Royal Legend Rico Royal DonCapone Royal Legend King Royal GodFather​ Royal DICK Royal Legend Jade Royal Scarlet Royal Legend Mia Royal Mia305 Royal ASS Hole​​ Royal ScrewBall RoyalL Mayhem Royal SweetRape RoyalL Princess Royal Slap A Ho3​ Royal Legend TaBoo Royal Malicious Royal Bandido Royal Mafia Royal Loko Royal Loka RoyalLegendRider​ Royal Trinidad Royal BITCH Royal ChopSuey Royal Pinga RoyalLegend Dead Royal diablo 6 Royal Legend Colt Royal Modafukca Royal Bandido Royal Tu1Yo RoyalL Guns Royal Kannibal Royal Triple O G


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