The Runaways is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Runaways are a duo of Outlaws who roam the west doing whatever takes their fancy, they kill, cheat, lie and steal. But they're not totally heartless. They also defend those that can't defend themselves and bring other Outlaws to justice when their name gets too big for their boots. "The Runaways" currently consist of two of the most ruthless and renegade Outlaws in the West, Red Harlow II and "Red Ded" Rohan. They met on the outskirts of Chuparosa, where a gang of thugs attempted to cut short Harlow's life. The two, along with a ragtag group of nobodies (and meat shields) repelled the enemies, and decided to band together as they knew there is strength in numbers. The group bunkered down at the Pacific Union R.R. where they fought off wave after wave of enemies for days.

They decided to form a group, recruiting only the baddest misfits and renegades the wilds had to offer. They called themselves The Runaways.

Joining the posse

There are two ways to join The Runaways. Either send a message to lPlayl Dead Inc or ReD DeD RoHaN on Xbox live stating why you want to join and what you have to offer the posse, or alternatively visit our website at



  • Warlord: lPlayl Dead Inc (Red Harlow II)
  • Warlord: ReD DeD RoHaN
  • Warchief:
  • Sergeant at Arms:

Other members

External links

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