The SYN is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The SYN is a casual PS3 Gamers Clan. Our focus is having fun and playing as a clan. We’ve expanded into quite a few games since we started in June of 2008. Our focus is having fun and no drama and that's why we've been successful for a long period of time. In this clan we expect loyalty and support, you don't have to be the greatest player but need to be willing to learn and adapt to any game situation. Communication, teamwork and when needed a bit of self-sacrifice is what this clan is built on so that is expected from all members of the Family. I want this to be a fun experience that enriches the games we play and extends the longevity of the games we choose to play so in this new era of the SYN we're looking for more participation from all members and to increase the search for players that can fill our Family with gamers that want to find their Inner SYN.

Joining the posse

Just visit and register on the forums and post about your interest in joining the SYN and what games you're playing.


  • elidaniel
  • KaosEternal
  • hugbombsnotbears
  • TheFlooderRambo
  • SR20DE
  • Orlandun
  • Ace1014
  • asu_devil


  • NukeWarm
  • elidaniel

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