About The Posse

This posse is not for the faint hearted, a posse of advanced members, a posse who has been with red dead redemption from the start.We are the most powerful clan on the red dead redemption servers. We are a widely active posse with high levels.Our clan base is in cochinay.There are 2 leaders both of which are available at most of the time! If you wish to join please add either benji42cob or joearomo on PS3. If myself or Watsey99 do not reply, please contact guerilla_cat ,

Thank you,



  • Clan Leaders- Benji42cob & Joearomo
  • Vice Leader- On retention


These are our clan rules, they must be accepted and respected by all members.

  1. Respect your superior fellow members of the clan .
  2. Respect The Leaders.
  3. Do not constantly ask about land.
  4. Do NOT betray the posse.
  5. Do not Mutanize the leaders.
  6. Do not cause arguments.
  7. Be polite.
  8. Guide the lower ranks if they are stuck.
  9. Help other members.
  10. Have Fun!

The Saviors Other Game Branches

As you know our clan is nt just on RDR. We are present on PSN Only although we are present on a few computer games. Here are a few exaples of the games which we are present on:

  • RDR
  • Little Big Planet
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Call Of Duty
  • Minecraft
  • Far Cry 3
  • Assasins Creed
  • Contracts may also be set on Hitman Absolution to challenge clan members.
  • Minecraft


14/01/2013:After a fall out caused by YoungGun1999 the founder of our clan Benji42cob was mutanized from power by Young Gun. Joearomo Objected and was mutanized aswell! All is well in the clan now as both of the leaders have returned to power, and YoungGun1999 dealt with!

11/04/2013: Joearomo and Con6509 rode to do battle with The Rico Clan, winning valiently and showing our clans prowess.

12/04/2013: After a mutany from Monshi, we crushed the rebels making them flee to where ever they came from.

13/04/2013: Today it has been decided that because of Watsey99's actions, his position will be retained until further notice.

6/5/2013: Watsey99 has regained his position in the clan, welcome back Watsey99.

Allied Posses

Here are a list of our allies-

  • The Brotherhood Of Justice - Now regained as enemies.
  • Tactical Defense

Enemy Posses

  • The Flaming Corned Men
  • Manuel and the vegetables

Enemy Players

  • Blaydez3910
  • Jbacon

Congratilations on your Bronze Award!

These people have recived bronze awards:

  • Gurilla_Cat
  • Bswitzer1
  • Hell_raiser_604
  • I-T-H
  • Monsterfox10
  • rakan363
  • Watsey99

Congratilations on your Silver Award!

These people have recived silver awards:

  • battlefield2011
  • iHAVEjuicyHANDS
  • mondo015
  • pebbles-star
  • Watsey99
  • RemerezJunior1

Clan Top Positions

  • (This is our top 10 members only)
  • General: Gurilla_Cat
  • Lieutenant General: Hell_Raiser_604
  • Colonel:
  • Major:
  • Captain: Mono
  • Sergeant: Pebbles_star
  • Corporal:
  • Private 1:
  • Private 2:


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