Schofield Kids

The Schofield Kids

The Schofield Kids is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About The Schofield Kids

This posse is just for fun, we dont just play to level, we play to hopefully become a well known posse in the RDR world. Note, there will be no killing our own posse members, (unless stated otherwise). Remember, just because the name implies that we use schofields, doesn't mean we won't take your head off with our rifles. We try to be a passive posse. We don't usually go killing unless messed with. And by the way, we don't mod. We have been accused of using aimbots in the past and we DON'T use them. We are just better than you. It's that simple.

Joining The Schofield Kids

To join the posse one must:

1. Request a leader to join your game.

2. Then you must first renounce your use of semi auto pistols, high powered pistols, and mauser pistols because we do not allow these in our posse because they are cheap and make you and the posse look bad.

3. Then you must renounce your use of the casual targeting system because it is also cheap and makes you and the posse look bad.

4. You then must complete the following tasks:

We will travel to Twin Rocks, you will then complete it with only your schofield within 3 tries. (Meaning you can only die 3 times or you're not in). Again, if you switch weapons we will leave the room.

Then you must kill a bear with nothing but a melee knife. (No Horseback fighting)

If you follow the rules correctly, Then you are a Schofield Kid. And by the way, no modding allowed in T.S.K. We frown upon it because its sad when someone sucks so bad they have to cheat. (This also goes for glitches as well.)

What we do online

We do gang hideouts, hunt animals, people, mostly the public enemy because its usually an annoying 5 year old who won't shut up, and we kill whoever messes with us. But always remember, we won't harm you if you don't harm us. And we also help out the little guy. (Lower levels) from being bullied around by higher levels taking advantage of them.

Player Rivals

None so far it seems...

Posse Rivals

None yet. We are new to the whole posse thing.


We hope to gain allies and more friends in the RDR world and maybe some help sometimes but no alliances so far...



  • Streetstreet15
  • Leader 2

Other members

  • Personinator
  • Krehdak
  • Molotov Maan
  • Red Lawliet
  • Member 5
  • Member 6

Play your cards (or dice) right, and you could be on this list.

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