The Sony Sharpshooters is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

(PS3-POSSE) The Sony Sharpshooters are a small group of deadly gunmen with critical accuracy. They are of neutral stance, and so never attack any individuals for no reason. However, if another within the world attempts or does kill one of them, the posse as a whole will have been challenged, and will continue to deliver death upon the enemy until they leave the area, and give in to the Sharpshooters. If players insist on trying to attack the posse, they shall be hunted down until they do one of the following:

  • Personally message one of the posse members, asking for us to no longer attack if they themselves stop.
  • Say the same as written above over an in-game mic.
  • Leave the game lobby.

As previously said, we never attack unprovoked. Any annoyance we cause our enemies is entirely their fault for constantly shooting at us.

Our favoured weapons are the:

  • Double-Action Revolver
  • High-Powered Pistol
  • Bolt Action Rifle
  • Henry Repeater
  • Semi-Auto Shotgun
  • Carcano Rifle
  • Dynamite

Our greatest triumph so far:

Attacked by a a full posse of 8 in Armadillo, 2 of us (TheLegend1993 and TheSockRocker) managed to make it to the saloon roof and hold them off for around 15 minutes, before escaping to a hill near Pleasance House. From there, we managed to kill all members of the enemy posse enough for them to apologise through PSN message and then leave the lobby. We obviously died a little, but the fact that 2 of us held off 8 others was quite a feat.

Joining the posse

At present, we are a small posse. We intend to never surpass five full-time members, yet sometimes will temporarily invite other players from the lobby. To join, add us to your friend's list stating that you saw us on here, then we'll invite you to our games. If you play in similar fashion to us then we will consider allowing you to join fully. Mic's are required for fully joining.



  • TheLegend1993
  • TheSockRocker

Other members

  • MattGoose

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