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The Soul of Vendetta is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Soul of Vendetta is a Red Dead Redmption posse that is a PS3 excluive group.

The posse has 8 Leaders that have divided up the area's.Also several occasional members.

The leaders of the posse's controlled area's are listed below.

The posse has a meeting place that is neutral territory.The meeting place is the small island inbeetween america and mexico.

They have named the island V.Each leader has a base in there area.

Joining the posse

To join the posse contact the lead editor of the page at the link below.Or if you find a member of the posse tell them to ask The_Wanderer to add you.



  • The_Wanderer-West Elizabeth{Great Plains/Tall Trees}-Coachiney
  • NDN-GUY-Nuevo Paraiso{Punta Orgullo}-Sidewinder creek
  • alt_rocker97-New Austin{Cholla springs}-Rattlesnake hollow
  • theMESSICAN-Nuevo Paraiso{Perido}-Las Hermanas
  • Baldy666-Nuevo Paraiso{Diez Coronas}-Tourquemada
  • psychochemo_50-New Austin{Hennigan's Stead}-Stillwater creek
  • CaleSterling-New Austin{Gaptooth Ridge}-The scratching post
  • JAG_-DA-_BEAST-New Austin{Rio Bravo}-Mecer station

Other members

  • r0CkiN_RoLLa
  • gopherpot
  • Niftysponge
  • Jacke_95
  • Masenko-Black

External links

Link [1] Send a message to The_Wanderer on this page for a duel challenge or a posse join.

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