The Magnificent Seven

The Splendid Seven

The Splendid Seven is a Red Dead Redemption posse.


The Splendid Seven are a group of gunslingers who aid the law, fight the law, uphold the law and break the law. As with so many Western characters, The Seven are morally neutral, and will start a fight just as often as they'll stop one.

Anyone is welcome to be one of The Seven, as long as they fulfill a few requirements.


The Splendid Seven spend their time wiping out gang hideouts, hunting public enemies, fighting lawmen and generally exploring the west. They often do gang matches aswell.

Becoming One of The Seven

To Become one of The Splendid Seven, players must fulfill some requirements:

  • We are a PS3 Gang.
  • Must be at least Level 25.
  • Must be proficient with both Rifles and Sidearms.
  • Must have full loyalty to the group. NO lone wolves.

If you want to join, just message me on PSN (outrider5).

The Splendid Seven:

  • 1 - outrider5
  • 2 - Spiritsoldier
  • 3 - danzz_uk
  • 4 - TBA
  • 5 - TBA
  • 6 - TBA
  • 7 - TBA


When The Magnificent Seven aren't busy, they can generally be found hanging around Fort Mercer (usually fighting each other - practice makes perfect).

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