The Sunshine Gang is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

"As the sun shine on to the ground that we ride on with our horses, we collect our strength and work as a team to reach our goal. But sometimes we just like to screw around also." - FKANiNen describing the goal of the posse.
The Sunshine Gang started in 1878, Armadillo, where the leader of the gang, FKANiNen met up with member Toobbez. From there, they started a gang that would be more fun oriented, where no-one is mad at anyone and everyone's having a laugh. As The Gang were out riding through the land, they encountered a what-to-become member of The Sunshine Gang, GURRA1337. He thought that he liked the idea, and went ahead and joined. From there, The Sunshine Gang was born. While raiding a gang hide-out, they encountered a new member, OdENs OLlON, who were tied up to a tree, begging for help. As the gang cut him loose, they asked him if he wanted to join. He then joined, owing his life to The Sunshine Gang. As time went by, he became one of the gangs most trusted member, and because of that, became co-leader. As the gang where attending their daily bath, iTz DONUTgod came by, asking for help. His wife were trapped out in the desert, captured by Dutch's Gang. The Sunshine Gang headed out to the desert and killed the gangmembers in the hideout, bringing home god's wife. Later, in god's house while eating, the gang asked if he would like to join. Of course he did.

Joining the posse

Please see the rules before asking to join. Joining the posse needs an invitation from either leader or member. We are located at XBL.


1. Have a real good time, no matter what the costs.

2. Do not be an angry, lazy dickhead that won't do anything.

3. Listen to the Suns, and obey them. Do NOT do this if it will, by any way, make you wanted by the law. That is voluntary.

4. If you do not like the above rule, you can always suggest another thing to do. The Suns will listen to your suggestion, and might even approve it!

5. Obey the rules, if not, the Suns will boot you from The Sunshine Gang.



  • 1st Sun FKANiNen
  • 2nd Sun OdENs OLlON


  • 1st Sunbeam GURRA1337
  • 2nd Sunbeam Toobbez
  • 3rd Sunbeam iTz DONUTgod

External links

Don't really have one, this page is our homepage.

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