About the posse

We are a competitive posse, a posse that plays for fun and you should only join us if you are willing to fight crazy people in competitive multiplayer, gang hideouts or undead overrun. X-BOX LIVE posse members only, no PS3.

Joining the posse

Add a member of the posse as a friend and ask them to submit a request to the General of the posse.


  • Over level 5.
  • A person who plays for competitive games.
  • MUST use a Misc Criminals skin,Misc Mexicans skin or a Misc Womans skin for Uniform value (Note: The Generals skin is Ugly Chris from RD Revolver but that is to show his status as the leader).
  • Must use RDR Undead Nightmare.
  • No asking for a promotion or you will be Demoted.

    Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare


Right Hand Man


Super Soldiers


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