The Three Amigos is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Three Amigos is a posse set up by three friends. The Amigos almost always use Mexican characters when playing together and frequently ride wagons, chariots or the stage coach. The Amigos will help you if you need something, will protect you if you need protecting and will repeatedly hunt down and kill anyone who attacks and kills a member. The approach of the Amigos is noticeable by the repeated firing of several revolvers into the air.

Activities include; Raiding gang-hideouts, fighting the law and hunting the wildlife. Their preferred hideout is El Presidio.

If You're an 'Enemy of the Public' then you're with company in 'The Three Amigos'.

Joining the posse

contact KOMBATW0MBAT, Angry gherkin or Muffin Man 118


  • Angry Gherkin
  • Muffin Man 118
Three Mexicans standing in a desert environment

The members of The Three Amigos from left to right: KOMBATW0MBAT, Muffin Man 118 and Angry Gherkin.

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