Tombstone gnag

The Tombstone Gang is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We're the meanest bastards in the West. We don't take any shit from anyone. We rob the innocent, and kill the guilty. If there is a chance to start a posse war, we'll always take it. If someone kills one of our members, the whole damn posse comes after them. Even the smallest of pests will be stepped on like the dirty roaches they are. We have a short temper so if you come across one of us, be careful, or we'll install windows in your pathetic, dimwitted skull.

Joining the posse

1.) Older than 12.

2.) No using casual.

3.) Have to be able to run Pike's Basin without dying.

4.) Be mature.

5.) Have to know how to kill.

6.) Have to have a level higher than 15.

7.) Have to message me on Xbox Live. (Mo Van Barr)


  • Mo Van Barr
  • MF Doom97 (Co-Leader)


  • Miyavi Yu
  • xXxttfickxXx
  • peakdB
  • LBJ4ladybird40
  • Coletonrc

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