Leader-lxDEADxxEYExl Co-Leader- scooby05 Our Clan is on Xbox360

Members & ranks

DrPEPPER5214-LT.GEN xxHITxEMxxUPxx-LT.GEN XDigital ZLewX-LT.GEN xxREDxx29-LT.GEN KiloCookie-MAJ.GEN thedist0r-SGT.MAJ jkd21s-SGT.MAJ RichardNoggin42-SGT.MAJ MCShady087-SGT darkxrocer24-SGT KILL3RCLOWN159-SGT mastermind-SGT SUPERMANCLUB-SGT

About The Clan

TTS is an xbox 360 clan, we play all new games like- COD blackops, Halo Reach, Homefront, crisis 2. anything you think of we play.

Joining the clan

If you want to join TTS please send me a message, my gamertag is lxDEADxxEYExl.



Istockphoto 10625457-spartan-helmet


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