Rdr u.s. military00

The U.S Army The American Army clan!!!

About the posse

We are the freedom fighters for america.Our characters of course are gonna be the American Army.Note=if you are not an american army we are gonna kill you.We like to get gold guns,We attack other clans except the law,We like doing gang hideouts to level up,We also like playing free for all and we like to play gambling games like poker & liar's dice.We never leave a man behind.Sometimes we like to horse race and we also target practice and help each other out.

Joining the posse

You have to be playing as an american army,You must have at least 1 gold gun.


  • prince217
  • frain2009
  • AndrewGod97
  • bigtricks34


  • Who_Dat_Outlaw
  • epicsoldier26
  • Who_Dat_Legend

Other members

  • ALL_DAY21-28
  • angrynunwithagun
  • azalily



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