The Unforgivens=Xbox360(XBL)

Our goal is to be the most feared posse in the entire world. {No wussys} We have two baranches so far. FreehandVictor and BulgyHotspot are the leaders.

 (Branch 1= FreehandVictor) (Branch 2=BulgyHotspot)

In order to join you have to contact my gamertag FreehandVictor or BulgyHotspot,when in the clan you will be an Unforgiven and have a monster team behind you with.


So Far = FreehandVictor,BulgyHotspot


  • Leader 1-Branch 1- FreehandVictor
  • Leader 2-Branch 2- BulgyHotspot

Other members==

  • Member 1-
  • Member 2-
  • Member 3-

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