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The Union

The Union is a group of mercenaries and bounty hunters who go looking for the posse with the highest score or a bounty and claim it. We also assist anyone who is in need of help from other bulling posses. The union lays claim to Rathskeller Fork as the main office and Ridgewood Farm as the secondary office and we will fight for it. We can also be found messing around in Thieves Landing. You won't find us using casual and/or high power pistols. There is only one rule if there is a dispute between members it is settled in a duel then after it is done there will be no more arguing. We have no ranks, no uniform, we are The Union.

The Founders:

  • TKONDingo
  • St Nick Bond


  • A ROMskii
  • FlippyDaBear524
  • Killy13666
  • Killyjr
  • Jsdawg13
  • Me19125
  • Foreverchaosx3
  • Oaktree406
  • Tspell202


  • Jousting
  • Dueling
  • And our favorite past time is Stagecoach robbing

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