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The United Left is a Red Dead Redemption posse. The clan has been merged with the Red Demon Clan.

About the clan

ABOUT THE CLAN: HELLO COMRADE! We are a clan in red dead redemption call of duty world at war grand theft auto IV halo 3 and toy soldiers. Our HQs in red dead redemption are Cochinay Riley's charge and El Prisido and in call of duty world at war they are Castle and Roundhouse. VOLUNTEER BRIGADE: The volunteer brigade is a part of the clan where people from merged clans and people that are right wing that want to fight for us are listed. NATIONAL ANTHEM: Our national anthem is the Internationale but you don't need to know it or sing it. THE WAY RANKING WORKS: We only have two ranks leader and member the only difference is leaders can give orders.

Joining the posse

Send a message to r0ry78 on xbox live to join and be of the Left (unless you want to fight for us). Also your character can't be John or Jack Marston. In Call of Duty World At War we only play as Russians and Japanese when we are in a clan match or at war.



  • r0ry78 (leader)
  • dark shadow495 (co-leader)

Other members

  • BananaAARON

Volunteer Brigade

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