Welcome to the PSN Vigilante Red Dead Redemption Clan official RDR wiki page.  

About the Vigilantes:

The Vigilantes is a brand new clan to the world of red dead redemption multiplayer started by Capt and Agent0, who have been in previous clans before together and wish to be in a clan at a different perspective of a clan. We have recently started in June of 2013. A vigilante is defined as someone who takes the law into their own hands so we are not lawmen or marshals we are average citizens. So we are clan not to start battles with other clans.  We are not saying that we don't do clan battles we are just not one of those clans that want to fight constantly just to say that we are better than other clans. Our main purpose is to have fun, make you a better player, and to make sure everyone has a good time playing Red Dead Redemption.  

So if you are looking for a clan you are willing to stay in this might be the clan for you.

Joining the Vigilantes:

Here are the requirements for joing the Vigilantes.

1. You must get in contact with Vigilante_Capt or Vigilante_Agent0. (FYI in Agent0 the "0" is a zero)

Just send one of us a message saying that you would like to join and send a friend request.

2. It is highly recommended that you have a mic. but maybe we can work something out.

3. You must also make a new PSN account with Vigilante_. Then after the under-score put whatever you want. But before you make the account, you have to get in contact with either Vigilante_Capt or Vigilante_Agent0.

4. Send us a message saying that you are intersted in joing the RDR clan.

Rules of the Vigilantes:

1. Do not team kill, unless otherwise told to. (there must be a good reason)

2. Treat all members of the clan with respect.

3. No glitching or cheating in any way.

4. When and if you are questioned, tell the truth.

5. Clan wars are handled by Capt not other clan members.

6. Do not give other information about the clan to any other clan. Capt or Agent0 will handle any business with any other clan.

7. Protect all members of the clan.

8. Follow orders given by Capt or Agent0.

9.. Most importantly, it is just a video game, HAVE FUN.

Current Roster of the Vigilantes:

1st in Command:


Vigilante Members:







Official Vigilante clan website:

Here on the website you will find information that will be updated as often as needed and will be kept up to date.


I do not have any restrictions on any weapons. If you join, this subject will be discussed in greater detail.


Our main base or meeting place, which ever you want to call it, is Cochinay.

Our Allies and Enemies:





VonVonwalker (USMC)


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