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The Wagon Wheels is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Posse was created when God, sweating from his work and creation, dripped onto a really muscular Gorilla. This Gorilla became Cpl Gunshow, and its guns spawned man and testosterone everywhere. The Wagon Whells are direct decendants from Cpl Gunshow's seed, and because of this- have certain qualities. Qualities different in every individual. Qualities like annoying amounts of random knowledge. Or the power to resemble a machoke.

Joining the posse

To join THE WAGON WHEELS. One must meet the following criteria.

1!- You must be a direct decscendant from Cpl Gunshow, or at least Zues.

2!- You must either love Juan Sheet, or Raul from those old Irn Bru adverts.

3! You must be the best at what you do!

4! You must realise that The Tank, Stuntman Extraordinaire, Current Reigning 24hr Hardcore Chamion and Longest Reigning 24hr Hardcore Champion, Global Phenominon, Space Ball Champion, Arm Wrestling Galactic Superstar, Universal Savior of the Human Race and Bicep Extravaganza. Is awesome.



  • Cpl Gunshow
  • Lt Lovecannon

Other members

  • Sgt Scrotepunch
  • Captain Spycrab
  • Dave 2790
  • Dan275
  • Lord Ballkan
  • Fat Gaz
  • Arbitr

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