Red dead redemption posse chase

The Warlors(PSN) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are the Only and Original Warlords.We are a Clan of Skill and Mature people.Who ever has a problem with one Warlord...needs to FACE US ALL.We like to clan WAR allot,and Land Grabs.if you what to join look the following>>>

Joining the posse

  • You need to add Warlord_Razor or Warlord_Scorpion and send them a massege saying that you want to join.
  • You need to be skilld and mature to join.
  • Create a new account like(Warlord_???????) Capital W and underscore.


  • Warlord_Famous(Justice)


  • Warlord_EastWood
  • Warlord_Elite
  • Warlord_Scorpion
  • Warlord_Razor
  • Warlord_Hilbiley
  • Warlord_Gray
  • Warlord_Tdot
  • Warlord_Woodyman
  • Warlord_Shady
  • Warlord_BAMBAM13
  • Warlord_Irish
  • Warlord_ScarFace
  • Warlord_Devildog
  • Warlord_Eight
  • Warlord_Cobra
  • Warlord_Smokey
  • Warlord_
  • Warlord_
  • Warlord_
  • Warlord_

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