The West Blade Raiders is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The West Blade Raiders is a brand new, ps3 exclusive posse (Created By I, Elascador and Pyro-eagles), our main objective is to encourage RDR players to level up more. Especially those are struggling in the early ranks. They are prioritized! So if you’re a hardcore, shoot whatever is in your way, douche, bad ass kind of player, this probably isn’t the posse for you. We try to avoid public lobbies and stick to friendly lobbies to prevent disturbing players gaining xp.

How we roll

We mainly raid Pike’s Basin, since it is the gang hideout that gives the most xp. When joining a lobby, also join a text chat (you’ll be invited to one). We also do “Around the Map gang raiding” Where you start at the gang hideout where you steal the minecart, and possibly end somewhere in Mexico. (You must follow the posse leader) It’s fun, and it’s not repitive unlike Pike’s Basin, although you won’t gain as much xp? Fun or XP? Your choice =) We also can sometimes go hunting for fun, its fun to see your own mates get run over by bears! We also do undead overrun (requires the DLC Undead Nightmare.) as well as Co-Op missions (Requires Outlaws to the end)

Joining the posse

You either reply below with your PSN ID or email me at or PM me on PSN (Elascador)

Requirements: • Ps3 • PSN ID That’s basically it, a mic isn’t necessary




Elascador Pyro-Eagles Spikeyjake8

Other members

  • Member 1
  • Member 2
  • Member 3

Obviously, there's still room for you!

External links

You can follow us on Twitter at [1]

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