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The Western Females is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Welcome to The Western Females Posse!! This be a posse for the females who play RDR.

So since I have noticed a few girl gamers here I figured we could have our OWN posse which has females only. We have a recruitment thread here: Quite the casual or any type of group gamers we'll seek. More on the graphics story -- I will credit you on the main forum and IF you have a clan link exchange with it via a thread on our forums or add a small affilate sized button to my signature on to get you some folks

Joining the posse

  • All players must be a female.
  • Do not player kill or spawnkill random players. This also means no shooting random NPCs.
  • Must have the PS3 version of RDR (unless we can get a female captain for that)
  • Your character should be one of the misc women but is not required.
  • Be mature, professional and kind to the other members in the clan.
  • No need for a mic to have fun.
  • Be the age of at least 16+



  • Daria ( forum username) PSN ID: inuyasha_demon

Other members

  • Member 1: JerseyDagmar( forum username) - PSN ID JerseyDagmar
  • Member 2: LuNaFaDeUK( username) - PSN ID: LuNaFaDeUK
  • Member 3: kimikong - PSN ID: kimikong

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