Red harlow

The Western Legends is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We kill anything for a bounty. Our favourite hideout is Tumbleweed because we have a good strategy to raid the town with four people. Our territory is Cochinay and all of El Materdo. El materdo is the place where we plan our attacks, because it is a known town only by few. It is here where we plan our next attack on a gang hideout or a large posse. We also like fighting off zombies in undead overrun. Since there is four people in the posse, we each pick a different class for the best chance of surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Joining the posse

Anyone that is over level 5 can join. It would help because then more people could defend blackwater with us. If you want to join send anyone of us a friend request (xbox 360). It would help if you have the undead nightmare pack (not compulsory).


  • 1. the bad killer4 - Nickname:Colt . Favourite weapons: schofield revolver and sawn-off shotgun.
  • 2. Jed I Knight04 - Nickname: Eagle Eye . Favourite weapons: lemat revolver, bolt-action rifle and rolling block rifle.
  • 3. Mud 1969 - Nickname:Butcher . Favourite weapons: double-action revolver, tomahawk and springfield rifle.
  • 4. BIG POPPA NAST - Nickname: The legend. Favourite weapons: high power pistol and evans repeater.
  • 5. voidkill21 - Nickname: The Kid. Favourite weapons : high power pistol and bolt-action rifle.


  • Leader 1: Jed I Knight04 - Orders the next objective (gang hideout, hunting ground etc.)
  • Leader 2 Assistant leader: the bad killer4 - Knows what to do in a tough position


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