The Wolf, The Eagle and The Bear is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Usually a three man gang that may get rid of the latest Eagle after a while. Example being the betrayal of our last member who was later fired with a molotov. We're good to people who are good to us, so don't expect to shoot, run and live without getting a return kill at least once. Unless internet connection fails... A good posse for anyone who would prefer to stay nuetral.

Joining the posse

All those who want to be in a mixed group of the Good, the Bad and the Inbetween. Short on posse members at the moment and seeking more. We act as a small tribe, doing whatever the hell we want as long as it helps the gang. Join if you wanna, just send a response. Pick an animal that's in the game and use it as your posse name (obviously some of the best are still available).


  • Awaiting new...


  • The Bear (Mafia Bear1)
  • El Lobo (BlitzIISlasher)
  • Once more join, The Eagle will be decided.

Other members

  • (Previous) Chilly Ziggy
  • (Forgotten)
  • (Previous) Snchnub4asnik

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