The Wolfpack is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The Wolfpack was Formed on the 9th April 2011. Two Playstation users: TheWordIsMarc and Shadowkiller929 Were the original founding parties of "The Wolfpack"

The posse would operate as a single unit to begin with. Dawning the seperation / attend tactic. Whereas. They would attend to their own adventures on a particular session server,This strategy would then spring into action when one or multiple members found themselves in trouble. The pack would then proceed to allign at one anothers side.

Later. Past its inception. The group would decide to split into different sections of the map and create a "Union"

The idea was that each group would grow individually on their own but operate under one banner in unison. This created several smaller groups who would then seperate in different sections of the map that they claimed as territory.

The leaders of each group would assend as a war council which a 'role play' activity as to where they would discuss rivals and inner posse democracy.

Joining the posse

Joining the posse was fairly simple.They would do all of their recruiting within online sessions. There they would approach other users and invite them into the posse.

Often getting others out of trouble to convince them,Or. On the reverse.Creating hostility which would draw them into "numbers mean more"

The Wolfpack has since disbaned.