The Young Guns

The Young Guns is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

Yoohoo! I'll make ya famous. Inspired by the famous Spaghetti Western about Billy The Kid. We ride together as a group and look after each other. We do not respect mindless violence. We enjoy a spot of hunting every now and then. If attacked we will retaliate without remorse or relent. We are The Young Guns. We will finish The Game.

Joining the posse

Contact LUK3-H4LL on PSN and we'll see if you're worthy enough to ride with us.



  • LUK3-H4LL
  • JSayce1994
  • CarryOnCraig

Other members

  • Bob-E-95
  • kidboss1
  • marvel012496
  • midgetslayer666
  • snookerkid08
  • pig_mod
  • RaabergSWE

External links

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