two of mexicos best looking men.(there only 20!)

The arse bandits is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

a mexican posse mofos. there is much controversy over who is the leader of the arse bandits. there has been a long dispute between leader miniscorch and co-leader higgy dfc. due to the 2009 polls each member off the arse bandits voted that leader miniscorch was significantly superior to co-leader higgy dfc. weather it comes down to intelegence or looks miniscorch always won.


co-leader higgy dfc attempted to sue leader miniscorch on sevral occasions ending in tears as co-leader higgyDFC was beaten and can noow be found in blackwater saloon drowning his sorrows in the cheapest drink he can get his hands on. co-leader higgydfc was then evicted from his house and can also be found on blackwater high streen offering random people "handjobs" so he can feed his family. intelegence tells us that higgy dfc does not have a family and therefore spends his money on crack and whores.

miniscorch's hero award

leader miniscorch has been awarded a medal as he single handedley carried 175 orpahns (and one drunken co-leader) from a burning orphanage. the fire has been said to have been caused by none other than drunken co-leader higgy dfc as his cigar (there purely cause they look cool as f**k) was droped onto the carpet.

bermzos studies

due to recent spontanious studies. research tells us that higgy is actualy god

brad DFC

it has been no secret that brad dfc is in love with his horse. but recent studies also show that his horse is infact a man and there fore proves that brad is gay. when asked all brad said was "fuck off" paparazzi then knew to back off as brad began having one of his bitch fits. he was later seen leaping from a building in a dress with a framed picture of jockey scott in one hand and a dildo in the other.

Joining the posse

do we sound like some kind of queers to you?



  • MiniScorch-good looking aswell as smart


  • higgydfc-location unknown most likley in heaven smoking cigars

Other members

  • mini ham sap- hes asian
  • cram90- FIFA!(imprisoned after attacking sevral game store attendants when told there there were no more copies of fifa.
  • brendan148-...(kidnaped by an indigenous tribe most likley dead)
  • braddfc- hes not gay!-(deceased)

External links

were mexican and dont know much about the internets

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