The blazing hoofbeats is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

this possie is a fairly new one so wait for updates

we are a groop of bandits who as well as steal and plunder, we will also help strangers, county sherifs, marshals, ect (but not the government) also, everyone in the possie gets a say in what we do next (but the leaders are still in charge and other members will obay orders)

Joining the posse

know one will be able to join until the leaders reach the level of 33 so wait for updates



  • supreme leader: the onyx wolf
  • second-in-command: pwnage pk

Other members (from highest rank to lowest)

first leutennant: TBC

second leutennant: TBC

(leutennants are in charge of enforcing the commands from the supreme leader and second-in-command)

warrent: TBC

(warrent is in charge of all lower ranks)

seargant: TBC

(seargant is in charge of the scouters)

first scouter: TBC

second scouter: TBC

(scouters are the stealth troops of operations)

External links

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