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The original 3 members

The brutal 5 is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the most dangerous posse in the world!

These criminals are so brutal that nothing can or dares to get in their way

And their icelandic

Joining the posse

You Can't. Exceptions: Icelanders


  • Leader Tommy Two-Shoes
  • Tommy Two-Shoes the most feared leader of all outlaws he was said to have round-house kicked his way out of his mothers womb.
  • Leader 2. Alex The Rape Face
  • His strong curls can break a buffalo´s neck with the slightest movement, no one will escape the wrath of his curls...
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Other members

  • Member 1 Leo the Lazy. If you look the name Leo up in the dictionary you will find out it means awesome...
  • Member 2 Tony Smalls. He's calles smalls because of a particular body part..hehe
  • Member 3 The Crow. Is a nerd.

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