The men from blackwater (PSN) is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We are a organization that helps the citizens of New Austin, and Mexico, our US operation HQ is in blackwater, our emergency base is the wreck of the serendipity and our Mexico HQ is Barranca, and our backup base should Barranca be overrun, Torquemada will be our base

Joining the posse

To join you must friend me "mrsoftball: PSN name" or Kandykornkob: wikia name and I will get to you, and I will set a date and time for a private session, you will be tasked with a challenge, that I will chose, and if you don't pass I will let you try again 30 days after your first try, and if you don't pass it then your out


1: No mic's, yet. 2: No friendly fire unless fired upon. 3: Do not attack other posses unless we are attacked by them. 4: You have to be American Army. 5: You cant to use transports, if you don't like to ride you can take coaches to our destinations 6: Use messaging to talk with me and the others


  • Comander: mrsoftball


  • Sargent:
  • Captain:
  • Private:
  • Private:


Originally tasked as a black op unit called "The Offense" by Edgar Ross in 1900 to eliminate gangs in New Austin, when he Quit in 1914, his replacement didn't like his style of law enforcement , and had disavowed all knowledge of the group, then the leader: Earl "mrsoftball" Thompson became friends with the head of the Mexican Army, generalissimo Francesco Franco, he told him about the rebel "problem" in the border state. They have since become an organization known as "The Men Of Blackwater".


"By men I mean all people, not just men, women can join, if they want to, and if they pass the test I give them"

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