The unforgiven is a character in Red Dead Redemption.


sammy459****( general)

mgp1313 / a.k.a- machinegun pete*** (lieutenant general)

EGUREL** (major general)

count_sackula2k* (commander)


Machine Gun's Warlords:

hotshotgoofyboy (warlord) (!)


egurel (major general)

hotshotgoofyboy (captain of the infantry/warlord) (!)

count_sackula2k (commander)

shadowfox171 (!)

ladyarcher69 ($)

sk8-hrd (!)

urban-dj (captain of the guard)

ilovecandy (!)

tizi808 (captain of the sniper) (%)

shadow10239 ($)

CornDawg78 (captain of the marines) ($)

coldplay1234 ($)



Sniper Squad: (%)

Tizi808(captain of the snipers) (%)


The Marines: ($)

CornDawg78(captain of the marines) ($)

shadow10239 ($)

ladyarcher69 ($)

coldplay1234 ($)

Infantry Squad: (!)

hotshotgoofyboy (captain of the infantry) (!)

shadowfox171 (!)

ilovecandy (!)

sk8-hrd (!)

#$@% with one, here comes the rest!!!


all soldiers of the unforgiven please check this page daily for updates on the shit list! or if you just wanna share a story on how you let them busters have it!!!

Hi everybody this is egurel and I sent a friend request to everybody who isn't a friend of mine on the ps3. Thank you for being a member of The Unforgiven and keep playing Red Dead Redemption. :) :) :) :) :) By the way everybody get the liars and cheats pack on September 21. :) Hopefully a gameplay trailer will be released later this month.

whats poppin yall!!! this is mgp1313 a.k.a. machinegun pete b.k.a. lets get em!!! sometime soon hopefully this weekend, i wanna take some video of us BRINGING DOWN HELL on the heads of those who dought our might!!! contact me @ so we can put our heads togerther on a time. untill then,

. be safe and good hunting!!!


Hey everybody today machine gun sent our website to all members so please check this website daily!!! :) -egurel

hey yall...three gun salute to our newest member CornDawg78, i like this dude a lot, i think he'll be a strong addition to the team. he knows some stuff (more than me) and he dont mind getting his hands dirty. good scrapper!

also dont forget to send friend requests to each other. check the list above and anyone you dont have make sure you hit em up ok. lets get it done!!! be safe and good hunting!!!


Thats your ass!!! (the shit list) Dont be on it!!!

DIAMONDSARENTFOR, Rlepior, jpmelville, killomadic666,GHOST-of-KINGDOM, joshAKAshua, BIGBOYPRODUCTION,sidewinder79,VegasSeven77777,iStiv,Dekoy1,LGR72090,crimer911,starloerd

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