The unforgiven bastards is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

We have meetings every tuesday and thursday, there are extensive training exercises before every meeting and or gang match or attack on an enemy fort. our gangs hideout is in el matedaro. there are few but strict rules within our posse. 1. no killing of a team member unless that team member is to break a rule or shoots first. 2. every one is to be polite to eachother. Ex. no name calling, racism, or bugging of any kind. 3. no shooting your commanding officer or you will be sentenced to three game days jail time. 4. follow all instructions of your commanding officers.


-the 1st ever red dead redemption olympic games -the great hunting expedition -survival challenge 2 -theater arts in escalera

Joining the posse

in order to join the posse you must have at least a lvl 20 rank, send a message to CHEEKY_BAST_ARD on PSN. schedule a tryout session. if CHEEKY adds you he will put you through your tryouts then your training. after you have completed this you will be given the rank of recruit.




  • CHEEKY_BAST_ARD(founder)

Other members







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