The west gang

About the posse

-We make group decisions And follow Sarn10's and bj201213's orders no questions asked

-1 member must be a the HQ at all times -If we are under attack EVERYONE must be at HQ in position - we will discuss your position and will mostly let you chose but you have to confirm your choice with sarn10 -If you are not in the west gang and come within the diez coronas region you are considered hostile

The west gangs HQ is in el presidio

Smaller bases include -Torquemada -cochinay -Tesoro azul -

Joining the posse

To join the west gang send a friend request to psn user Sarn10 then join a free roam session with me and just ask.then we will see If you are good enough.


-jameswin04 -ANGELoDEATH2001 - - - - - - - - -


Leader - Sarn10 Co-leader - bj201213 Scouter - cableboy7020

Members - 5

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