ThunderBolts is a Red Dead Redemption posse.

About the posse

The ThunderBolts are a strict cowboy gang we terrorrize and demoralize all who oppose us we got the name during a grab the bag when our leader was struck by lightning! Also we bring justice to all who thearten anyone (unless ur rlly noobish) and plus were very sneaky. Plus when you join u will be forced apon a team called "Unknown' As time passes on you can be moved to Team Thunder -Team Noob - -Allstars- Team Lengend Unknowns

Leader:WindestLolMan Leader:Bone260 Leader:Madsens Leader:TheDarkMadsens Leader: Cpt Rodburn

Joining the posse

To join The Thunderbolts you must be atleast a LEVEL 15 and be a cowboy. Also you must be able to pass any surprise test i give you. (that wont happen often unless ur bad with guns.) Also there may be other tests. Contact me on xbox live for any questions. -Cpt Rodburn



  • Cpt Rodburn

The five chosen ones

  • The Dark Madsen
  • Madsens
  • WindiestLoLman
  • Bone260

External links

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